What a awesome thing to do! Macao beach photo session with your girls!! They were all on a trip together with their loved once as well. But instead of booking a Romantic Love session… They wanted a Friendship session. How awesome isn’t that? We should all do that, right? Not to often the girls got to be at the same place. As they all live spread out in the US.

The 3 girls are all fitness coaches. Very inspiring ladies! Stunning and full of life. As you can see! We had such a awesome time.

(at the end of the session, this super duper cute dog came and hang out with us… I am so in love with him… Cant stop thinking about that cute little face. I would for sure have brought him home with me, And Shellybean could have a buddy. If we just werent leaving for the summer…. Maybe he will still be hanging around on the beach when we are back..)