Where can i even begin…. Natural decorated wedding + My birthday + Awesome people + Incredible light… Like honestly.. where to begin.. 
Kukua + Bego is like always amazing. I love the greenery decor with a tiny pop of blue. L+L guest were also all dressed in light + Blue. Really tied everything so perfectly together. 
We did a beautiful first look followed by the Ceremony. Something new for me and that i adored, was that that they all had a stone, that they threw in the the ocean as a good luck to the couple. It was such a beautiful moment, that i will always remember. 

Soo… this day had this incredible light all day. As you can see…. It was also my Birthday.. so as a photographer, i look at is as my birthday gift… hahah… A big thank you to the beautiful people i work with that came and gave me a delicious pice of cake, and a little feliz cumpleanos song. Moments like this, make me feel so much love. THANK YOU! Grateful!

VENDORS: Bego + Kukua // VPC // Krystie Ann (makeup) // Hots production // Marcos Parucker