Trine + Espen 

So! Let me invite you for a peek in to my life. This wedding is at our house, in our back yard, with my family! My sister Trine + Espen got Married this past October in Punta Cana. And everything was just perfect! Even with some Rain… 

And when your sister gets married! You have to celebrate with a big bang! And share it with the whole world! 

I dont even know where to begin. But it is more then Amazing. WEDDINGS BY MAYTE! I am speechless….. I feel the wedding is so unique. Black, Gold and Greens with a boho feel. (same as colors as my whole house…hahaha) Mayte is really a queen. How she transforms something is beyond me! So stunning. Don’t you think its just pure magic? I could make a book about how amazing she is.!  Also thank you to Irina+Jon from EPC EVENTS and Ambiori for beautiful flowers.

Really… I am actually so so grateful for all my amazing friends and coworkers. My gorgeous ANNA NUET, made us all feel like a million dollars. It was so fun to be able to get all dolled up. Love it so much! 

The Cake Ana made… Seriously! Look at it! All i told Ana (CAKE STUDIO BAVARO) was, here is  the colors for the wedding. You do what you do! And as always… The mother of cakes!! LOVE

My awesome Jehison did the Ceremony! And he always makes them so special, really amazing! THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER!!! (Jehison Cabrera MC and Officiant services)

We had Private CHEF JEREMY come in to make up some awesome and delicious food. And he brought his gorgeous other half Shay with him(from FAIRY TALE ENDINGS) They made the most outstanding gourmet meal for us. My mouth gets watery just thinking of it! Shay even went out of her way, and helped serving all the deliciousness! THANK YOU!! 

My amazing and beautiful Katya! She made the unbelievable macrame peace in the gazebo! (MACRAME  BRIDEZILLA) Wohhhha…. Gorgeous????? Yes it is!!!! (she also made one i have hanging in our bedroom. Its just jaw dropping) 

Ok! So i know i have used allot of words like… OMG (no i didnt.. but i am now) AMAZING, STUNNING, MAGICAL etc. But that really is the words i need to use…

Trying to be enjoy a wedding and just relax, when you also want to help out… and take pictures… And be pregnant… is not so easy. I tried staying away from my camera… but i coulden’t. Thank Good for my amazing Maxi, that came annd helped me document the day! 

Guys… PUNTA CANA IS THE BOMB!! With the best vendors!!! 

Ps… Of corse we run late for the wedding. Some rain came in. Witch meant.. we had about 30 min left with light for pictures) so we did a extra little session the day before takeoff back to Norway)

LOVE from rainy Norway… 

Thats Vlad taking a picture of me… hahahahah…




And then… Since this is a personal post… That was very long… I will add on a few more from a really nice trip to Saona Island! With RENNY TRAVEL