Dreams Palm beach wedding
January 12, 2013
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So finally i am starting to recover from my little setback of 2 dead computer, With one of them just being 5 months old. (luckily for me apple bowed down and gave me a new) So the last year, i have actually had 3 different macbook pros! So 3rd one has to last! (isn’t that what they say)

Let me take you back to Katherine and Jamars beautiful wedding day, at dreams palm beach. This really is a beautiful resort. And the girls organizing it all, know what they do. (imagine there is almost 3 wedding a day there!) Well. over to these two awesome lovebirds. Everything was just perfect. And one of the most beautiful and breath taking things i have experienced happened on this wedding day! Kathrine dear parents, sadly has has left us and gone to a better place. And just when Katherine and her Uncle finished the first dance. The sky opened, and rain pored down! Really. Who could say that rain could be that amazing in a wedding? I get tears in my eyes just writing this down (yes, i cry all the time!)
And Guys. You better come down soon again, and hopefully you bring someone else with as well… Thank you for a beautiful day.


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