fur babies

If you also care about animals suffering, let’s do something together!

There are many homeless dogs & cats in Dominican Republic.
This is really sad.

We can help save them from hunger, abuse, illness, and being deprived of a home & affection.

So we’ve teamed up with Punta Cana Foster, a group of volunteers who visits poor areas, rescuing sick animals and delivering food & water.

You’re already helping by booking with us;

And here are additional ways you can help:

  1. bring milk formula for puppies (really hard to get here in Punta Cana)
  2. bring leashes / collars
  3. donations in cash
  4. adopting
  5. being flight companions (we do all the work, we just need a companion from Punta Cana to Canada).



We know that with your help we can save more animals, giving them a second chance at a good life.