Hola Lovelies!

“So… This little part should be easypeasy…. Right? Well.. let me tell you. Its not…  But I will start by telling you a little about who I am… what I do, and why I love doing it so much. 

I divide my life between my gorgeous home country of Norway and the magical island Hispaniola, Dominican Republic, I am so lucky I get the chance to live this way.  I feel like I’m getting the best of both worlds and this is where I spend my days capturing absolutely breathtaking weddings + people in love.

I daydream a lot, and drink unhealthy amounts of coffee

One of the biggest and most important things in my existence is the gratitude I have for the two people who shape my heart and life. They are my everything, my beautiful son Timo and the guy that holds my heart, Vlad. Also the two people who raised me, my parents + my beautiful sisters (I would be lost without them). It’s thanks to them that I get to use my eye to capture the soul. 

Some might say I may have a tad bit too much passion for a few things… like my home, mangos (you can never eat too much… well..  you can, but that only leads to a good belly ache), cashew nuts (I throw those tasty little treats on everything!), and lots of smoothies. I also have have a huge addiction to coffee, like I mentioned once or twice… I also love me some FOLK MUSIC and of course, my beloved Canon camera. 

Natural light photographer, also a hardcore sucker for sunrises + sunsets,

(how can you not love those, right?)


It really is amazing to have the chance to capture real moments in people’s lives,  a true blessing. We deserve to remember the good times, every little detail and emotion, just as it was.  

P.S. Scroll down a little, and you can see a little video clip of my beautiful family & I. Here I share a little more about myself and my philosophy as a photographer capturing life.  (Thanks to SHOEBOX PHOTOGRAPHY + MAXI  for the beautiful images and to the amazing CORES FILMS for the video)

A few things you probably didn’t know about me.


  1. As a 10 year old i got my first camera. But it got lost quite fast, about a week later.. a school field trip + a pee break in the woods + no more camera for me (the camera is probably still lying somewhere in those wood)
  2. Really don’t care for movies at all (they lose me at the endings), but I do love a good TV show.
  3. I can’t stomach drinking rum. Why? Ask me in person, I might… share a few stories!
  4. I hadn’t owned a phone for almost 4 years (might be even 5!), and recently only got one so i could get in on the Instagram train. So now you can reach me if you would like to chat with me.. 809 918 1930 
  5. Love to take really long showers, like… no-more-hot-water-left long showers.
  6. My hair color changes with the season.
  7. I redecorate my house at least every 2 months.
  8. My favorite time of the year is winter.., (ironically, i spend most the year in summer temperature)
  9. I buy planners and journals all the time, with good intentions. But reality is… I don’t ever use them. (i literally have a stash of organizers & planners never used, which makes me feel guilty… my artist brain is happier without them!)
  10. Doritos chips: one of my favorite guilty pleasure snacks. 
  11. I love staying up all night, and sleeping in. (It doesn’t happen so much any more… since I have a little fella running around!)
  12. Consume at least 4 cups of coffee a day
  13. Love to dance around the house all day long with my little fella
  14. Dishes… Its the worst thing i can think of… 
  15. I love tattoos, and i have a few…
  16. Temper 



Send me a little email, I would love to have a chat, and hear you vision