So! Here we go. what a summer, i got to go and take part of two of my dear friends wedding in Russia, Saint Petersburg. woa…. what a nice week. I cant say how much i love this two. Katipon!! you are the best. Had soooo much fun this week.
Kate and Anton has been together for as long as they both can remember. and finally they decided to tie the knot, btw witch they did with style!! oh my. this wedding… love love love! It all took place about 30 min outside Saint Petersburg, in this gorgeous old Russian hotel, just by the sea. The details was perfect. I really wish i had some more pics to show you… but as i was there as a friend i was not the photographer. (was really odd tho… not to be running around in a wedding…) So this is the shots i have to show for.
Some is the day after the wedding. Were we went down town to shoot the rest of the video. The Photographer and Videoagraphers were all from Israel. whooo! Hands down to them! I know if i ever will get married. This is the guys to use, There video is soooo freaking awesome! Guys…. seriously. amazing. (so you never know, maybe Norway will be added to your list in the future… hahah) Ronen Boidek was the photographer for the pictures this two days. Here is a clip from Vimeo stills from the wedding, beautiful pics.  And movie was from New stream Production, have a look, you will soon see what i mean! Aleksey and Vladislav good job!

So Katipon and Anton. Thank you sooo much for inviting me and making me feel like home. Love you guys. And to my Sarrita, you make the best travel partner. I am ready for a new adventure with you when ever. We have to head back to russia… Or spain in the summer doesnt seem to bad..