As i am sitting here sipping on my coffee, listening to the rain, (and not music for a change) Can’t keep thinking how soothing this is… I just get more and more in love with this time of year every time it comes to us, with it’s little hallo. The colors the freshness, Layers on layers with clothing, candlelight tasty tea’s and coffee latte’s (my sister just bought a new coffee machine.. mmhmm.).

One day is perfect for a photo shoot, with the soft lighting. The next one, cant be better for editing, and updating the blog.
So here’s a post from perfect miss fall. The red hair and the freckles, oh my, how beautiful she is. The thing as well, she is actually only 12 years old. Imagine that. I can picture her in a few years. Even more stunning.  We did the shoot in Flisvika, Risør, old industrial area. We did it all in 30 min. Then we were pretty happy, guess you see why!