After chatting lots with lisa. I finally got to meet the two of them at the wedding day over at the Jellyfish, (Wedding coming up soon) Beautiful as always. So a few days after the wedding we had a Trash the dress session. One of the last of the year! Or actually the last TTD of 2012. We did my favorite session, witch is  Sunrise.
Only thing with this one is that i Barley made it in time! Driving in the DR isn’t really on my top 10 list, Its a special place. pretty scary actually.  Well, this particular morning, i had a rental car (ours has really not been that found of us the last year, hates us actually) and was humming along on my way to Hugue, about 5 ish am, and its pitch black. Singing and waking up with some tunes. phhoof all the lights is out on the car, And i cant see nada. no idea where in the road (full of pot holes) i am… really not that fun! (and dominican likes to drive about 200 kmh, so hopefully no tur infront) Swinging in to the side… ouuups, was a little steep right there… (well… its a rental..) Stop, and wait for next car that comes, so i can use it as my lights, I Managed to be there JUST in time. Good that i actually was planing on being there 40 min before, just to have some extra time.. Happy i made it, Love everything with this session. AND that Alan even pulled it of with his purple foot and cruches (another story, it will come soon) i think its pretty good, Dont think you can see that he cant even walk! Thank you for the perfect morning shoot guys. Cant wait til next time we meet, never know where. (lisa has a few vacations coming up.. ) Or ill when i get to NJ. Enjoy the pictures.


lisa showing of some of her new skills with the crutches.. not to bad, ha…a sunrise is just so peaceful.