Half lazy sunday over here, with a little blogpost to end it. I do have to admit that its nice to be back in the sun again. That tangly feeling you have when the skin is a tad bit burnet. by just seeing the sun, feels nice. esp after a really cold January.
Let me now take you back to November, 7 am, my tired face, beautiful sunrise and a awesome couple that knows how to rock it! Tara and Jon are two of a kind, love making new friends, and with these two i sure did. I really had a blast with you guys. And just when we finished up, and i walked down to my car, the sky opened up, with a big bang.
I cant say enougf how much a adore taking sunrise trash the dress pictures. Just to say this, only time i am up at this time of the day, is either a flight to make, or a session like this. And every time, i think the exact same thing. I should start doing this more often. Just sitting on the beach watching the sun say hallo. Its so extremely peaceful. And maybe with a little morning coffee. Then with my really cool new coffee mug (looks like a canon lens) that Tara and Jon gave me. LOVE IT! Thank you guys so much!