Once a year we are so lucky to have good friends visiting,  me + Timo just got back from Norway, and strait to PC hang out with these two love birds for 10 days. Brett + Kim are two dear friends from Vancouver, Brett is one off Vlads oldest and best friend. So being able to capture these moments for them, is very fun and special. We started of our little session in our “back yard” for 2 min and Timo came and gave us hugs + kisses. He wanted to join mama and be my helper. Then headed to have sweet sunset memories at the beach in Bavaro.
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And then…. We went on a little road trip to Cabarete for some weddings. On the way back we got to do a little pitt stop on the road between Santo Domingo and Nagua. This AMAZING fresh water fall. Mother Nature!! You are beyond. Little hike down and then you have this super magical place Salto de Ocoa (about 2,5 hours from Punta Cana)

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