This time around, it hasn’t been to many photo shoots here in Norway. Not that easy to do when its between 5 and 10 minus every day. But the once i have had, has been really nice, chilly but nice! Sipping on my coffee, before heading to kindergarden to pic up my little monster of a nice. And then next on todays list is snow sliding, with hot coco!!

So here you have Renate & Jakob, we went for the shoot at the spot that they will get married this late summer. A beautiful location, just on the seaside. looking out at Risoors perfect fjords. This two will make a gorgeous bride and groom, dont you think? Renate & Jakob has been dating for 6 years now, and have a little girl and a boy. The little fella joined us on the photoshoot, didnt make a sound, loved chilling in his stroller.. Looking forward to this summer.  xoxo