As i am sitting here almost sobbing a little, sipping on my glass of water and just ate up Carinas Pringles, i thought i might as well blog the post i just made on the buss in to oslo.
Finally i got to capture This sweet sweet family. ( i think we have tried 4 5 times, but something always came up on both sides.. haha) well anyways now we did it. Remember tiny cute little Adele? In November she is 2! And her pretty mom Tine. Well now we got the whole family together. I have know both Tine and Jørgen for many years, And are waiting in excitement for there wedding day to come!! You blame me, look how pretty family.. We had this shoot up at Søndled, Risør, down by the sea, the nature is so nice, every day is different! One more shoot left in this gorgeous fall madness.