First post of 2013, and first photo shoot. And i will say, pretty awesome way to start off the new year. Friends, Family, super fresh air, snow and lots of love. Pretty happy to say bye to 2012, that was filled with many amazing wedding around the globe. And i am readdy for where 2013 will take me, and who it will let me meet!

So, Over to these two love birds, (that clame they arent that cuddly) Look at them! They are just perfect. And where shoot, is the icing on the cake! don’t you agree. Tine and Joorgen has been dating for over 7 years now, and are so lucky to have 2 small munchkins to share there life with. And now they are 6 short months away from saying i Do! I simply cant wait for this wedding, that will be held in in my childhood towns UNBELIEVABLE gorgeous sea shore. (have no idea if i wrote that right, but bla bla)

So happy new year to all of you out there! must we have a year to remember in all the best ways.